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2012 Enduro Race Procedures
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August 10, 2009


Enduro Race Procedures

1. Each competitor MUST provide a scorer.  Scorers will write down time off of official time clock when their car passes the start/finish line.  All score cards will be checked and rechecked.  Any discrepancies can result in scorecards being pulled at any time during or after the competition.  If you do not have a scorer, you will NOT be scored.  Each competitor is responsible for their scorer's actions.  Scorers will sit in a designated area of the grandstand.  Scorers will need to provide a clipboard and several pens.  Scoring rules will be provided at the pre-race meeting.

2. It is recommended that each car be painted and numbered clearly so your scorer can score accurately.  No foul language or derogatory phrases to appear on the car.

3. Starting positions will be determined by pre-registration and by draw at check-in.

4. There will be a mandatory driver and scorers meeting before the event starting 30 minutes before race time. Starting line-ups will be posted at that time. Any car that does not have a scorer in position at the start of the race will be disqualified.

5. Races will begin from a standing start.  The yellow flag will not be used.  Drivers must avoid disabled cars and continue to race.  Drivers CANNOT leave their cars unless they are instructed to do so by track officials during a red flag period. Drivers must remain strapped in their cars with helmets on while on the track even if the car is disabled. The race will be stopped with a red flag ONLY when the track is totally blocked or if any dangerous situation exists on the track. All cars must stop immediately on any red flag, or risk being penalized 5 laps, or be held and/or removed from the track. The race will be resumed with cars in the same position as before the red flag. Racing must be confined to the racing surface only. Any car racing in the infield will be disqualified. The black flag will be used for unique situations concerning safety issues and/or mechanical failures deemed detrimental to the track facility.

6. Pit crew members will only be allowed on the track during the red flag stop on lap 75 for FUEL ONLY!! Pit stops are allowed under green flag conditions only. Pitting under a red flag will result in a 5 lap penalty.

7. Rough or dangerous driving will not be tolerated.

8. The race will end with display of the checkered flag after lap count or time limit has been reached.

9. The unofficial top 10 cars will be stopped in the inspection area after the race. Any car found to be illegal for any reason will be disqualified. Event payout will be based on number of cars (10 or more) 1st Place $200; 2nd Place $50; 3rd Place $50; 4th Place $50; 5th Place $50.  If less than 10 cars are entered in the event payout will be determined at the driver's meeting.  Should weather affect the length of the race, any laps over 75, or more than 75 minutes, will be considered completed and the driver in the lead will be declared the winner contingent upon being found legal.

11. Driver changes are NOT allowed.  Absolutely no communication devices allowed in cars.  No cell phones, radios, or walkie talkies.


13. All score cards must immediately be turned in to the official scorer at the end of the race.

14. Winning car can be claimed by event promoters for $500.  Refusal to sell will result in disqualification.

Each competitor is expected to educate himself/herself with respect to the availability and effectiveness of personal safety equipment. Driver safety is the sole responsibility of the driver.


Interpretation of these race procedures will be through the tech inspector and event officials only. Decisions made by officials are final!


This event is presented as a fun, affordable and entertaining way to race. This event may not be the best option for the serious racer.  We stress, THIS IS INTENDED TO BE FUN!!!

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